Band Council Agenda March 1, 2016

1. Opening Prayer

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Agenda

4. PHIA-Sipekne’katik Health (10:00am)

5. Executive Finance Officer

  • a. Finance Committee Discussion
  • b. Tobacco Store Donation Policy Amendment
  • c. Salt Shed Project
  • d. Finance Policy Amendment
  • e. CMHC Band Council Resolution

6. Letters from Band Members

7. Legal Update a. Alton Gas Appeal

8. Director of Operations

  • a. Human Resource Committee Update
    i. Human Resource Appeal
    ii. Employee Pay-Scale
  • b. Education Committee Update
  • c. Consultation Committee
  • d. Economic Development Oil Tank Project
  • e. Sipekne’katik Fisheries f. Terms of Reference Policy Amendment

9. Mi’kmaq Conservation Group (2:00pm)