Band Janitor/Building Maintenance Worker- K-4 and ASHOR

Job Opportunity
Band Janitor/Building Maintenance Worker
K-4 and ASHOR – 35 hours per week
Job Opportunity
Sipekne’katik First Nation
Closing date: April 5, 2019

Under the direct supervision of the Principle of K-4 s and ASHOR Coordinator the Janitor is responsible for the upkeep of the Sipekne’katik Band ASHOR/K-4 Building on a daily basis. This position will at times require upon request assistance with other Capital Buildings.
Specific Accountabilities:
 Remove trash from wastebaskets, floors, etc. Prepare and place for collection.
 Dust or wipe clean, desktops, table tops, office equipment, furniture, ledges, sills, stair rails and other dust-collecting items.
 Sweep or dust mop floors in all areas including the stage. Move such articles as practical to allow for thorough cleaning.
 Sweep clean and wet mop
 Wash and sanitize all toilets and urinals. This is a priority and should be completed competently at the beginning of every shift and periodically throughout the shift, particularly after lunch and recesses and as directed by the Principal.
 Wash and wipe dry all countertops, sinks, mirrors and dispensers.
 Wet mop floors with bacteria-fighting cleaning agent and rinse thoroughly.
 Clean kitchen, coffee pots and ensure the area is clean this may include doing dishes and silverware
 Fill all paper and soap dispenser units.
 Empty disposal bins and replace bag liners as necessary.
 Conduct clean up of building exterior at and near all building entrances.
 Replace lighting tubes or bulbs in interior fixtures, as required.

Weekly (or more often, if conditions require it):
 Wipe down any fixtures.
 Wash toilet and wall tiles in washrooms with bacteria-fighting agent, rinse and wipe dry.
 Wash windows, doors and framing at the main entrance to the building.
 Conduct clean-up of debris at all sides of the building exterior, grounds and parking areas.
Monthly (at least, or more often, if conditions require it):
 Conduct an inspection of all lighting fixtures, both interior and exterior. Replace tubes or bulbs as necessary.
 Conduct an inspection of all Emergency Exit Lights to insure proper operation. Replace bulbs as necessary.
 Test operation of smoke alarms.
Semi-annually (more often if required):
 Strip wax build-up from the floors per the manufacturers’ recommendations. Reapply a wax finish.
 Clean ceiling-mounted diffusers and grills, lighting fixtures and lenses.
 Wash and polish exterior of all windows, screens and frames.
 Inspect exterior of building. Wash wall exterior and soffits of building with detergent and brush and hose-rinse. Remove any stains or graffiti noted and report any damage.
 Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the occupants and users of the facility at all times. If a safety hazard is noted, secure the area against entry until safe conditions have been restored.
 Exercise care not to damage or disturb the work or activities of the building occupants while conducting the duties of the Janitor/Building Maintenance Worker.
 Learn, understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures as contained in the operation and maintenance manuals and product literature for all installed materials and equipment in the facility.
 Maintain the janitorial closet, janitorial supplies and all tools of the job in a clean and orderly fashion.
 Learn and understand the operation of the fire alarm system and the steps to take in the event of an alarm. Know the location and operation of all fire extinguishers in the building and see to their proper maintenance.
 Core Competencies
 Must be physically able to perform duties
 Possess the knowledge and ability to apply modern cleaning methods and practices with minimal supervision
 Hold valid WHMIS and OH&H (Occupational Health and Hazard)
 Must be motivated, independent, and able to work with a team
 Desire and ability to engage in continuing education and skills upgrading
 Must be dependable & trustworthy; reliable, responsible and able to work flexible hours
 Must pass a Criminal Record’s Check

Please apply with a resume, cover letter, criminal records check, vulnerable sector check and three work references to:

Human Resource Manager
Mail/drop off: 522 Church Street, Indian Brook, NS B0N 1W0
DEADLINE: April 5, 2019

Sipekne’katik reserves the right to refuse any and all applications for employment. The Band will not assume any expenses related to this or any job application process, included and not limited to travel, relocation, and application development.