Bear Sightings

Notice to Community

June 19, 2018

Dear Community Members,
Re: Black Bear Sightings

There have been numerous accounts of Black Bear sightings in our community over the last few days. I would like to inform community members that if you see a bear please contact the Indian Brook RCMP as soon as possible at 902-758-3388. They will ensure safety and monitor the bear until DNR arrive, they will also have direct contact with Department of Natural Resources (1-800-565-2224).

Please do not take matter into your own hands, Safety First, we do not need any unforeseen accidents.

Attached you will find an information sheet on Black Bears, I ask that you take a look and read the information provided.

If you see a bear, avoid it, go inside, call the RCMP and report the sighting, time and location. You can contact DNR as well at the number provided.

Thank you,

Chief Michael P. Sack