Attention Caterers
Sipekne’katik Catering Call Listing – Open
Caterers, individual/groups, interested in being part of a listing for Catering events with the band please submit your name, number, email (if available) and proof of a Food Handlers Certificate to the HR Department of the Sipekne’katik Band.

Through a Chief and Council motion, it has been determined that to provide equal opportunity to all interested caterers an established list of potential caterers will be created. We will offer contracts to the contractors so that each will receive equal value of work throughout the year. All programs will have access to the list so we can ensure consistency and efficiency.

The listing will be used for catering Community Meals, Events, Council Meetings, Departmental Meetings and outside organization sessions taking place in community in partnership with the band.

The listing will provide a fair and tender free opportunity for all interested caterers to take part in providing their services.

Listing Details: Each name will be randomly placed on the listing, as an event or meeting arises caterers will be contacted in a rotating order, if one declines the offer will go to the next available name.

This will be a rotational list, if the first name called accepts the offer, the next meal will go to the second name on the list and continue in rotation.

NOTE: There will be two lists created, one will be for meetings with smaller numbers and the other will be for community-based events and attendance that is expected to be over 50 individuals. Please include in your response if you would like to be included on each listing. All costs will be negotiated at the time of contact.

***All Funeral service meals will be at the family’s request and not associated with this Call.

Drop off a letter of interest and proof of Food Handler’s Certificate to:

HR Department: Catering services
522 Church Street, Indian Brook
NS B0N 1W0

Or email to: