Request for New Ross Water Assessment

Request for New Ross Water System Assessment
October 30, 2018

You are invited to submit one copy of a quote to provide consulting and engineering services for an assessment of Sipekne’katik’s water systems in New Ross, Nova Scotia.

Description of Current System
The New Ross Water System services seven residential dwellings. The source water is a drilled well. Treatment consists of two greensand filters and two pressure tanks. The seven homes served have point of use reverse osmosis units and ultra-violet disinfection units. There is no disinfection equipment in use at the well house.
Current Issues/Deficiencies
• No disinfection equipment. Should there be? Considered high risk.
• Assessment of raw water quality (iron, arsenic and turbidity may be issues)
• Is centralized treatment required?
• Is there a need for a second well?
• Watershed protection plan (abandoned cars upslope)
• Performance of Fe/Mn treatment system is unknown
• Few visits for inspection and maintenance; equipment falls into disrepair; consider remote monitoring (SCADA)
• Well inspection (HC camera) and cleaning
Scope of Work
The work of the Consultant shall comprise, but is not necessarily limited to, the following tasks:
• review all available technical and historical information related to the project;
• visit the New Ross community and review the conditions of the existing drinking water treatment facilities;
• perform a data gap analysis to ensure sufficient background information has been collected to properly assess the situation;
• perform a potable water, groundwater and/or surface water source characterization if data is not available or recent (less than 5 years old);
• identify all codes, regulations, standards and authorities having jurisdiction that apply to the project;
• select, present and justify the process design criteria that will form the foundation of the feasibility study;
• identify a minimum of three (3) options that could address the project’s goals and objectives defined at Section B (subsection 2.);
• identify the main technical features and equipment of each option including a brief process flow narrative, and present the advantages and disadvantages of each option;
• complete a 20-year life cycle cost (LCC) analysis of each option;
• conduct a full technical and financial option analysis and include the matrix used for the evaluation;
• present the preferred option including the necessary narrative and drawings to fully illustrate the proposed works;
• identify additional field investigations needed prior to initiating the design study;
• perform a risk assessment by including risk mitigation measures for the preferred option;
• detail the total estimated cost (TEC) associated with the preferred option to ensure the construction costs are realistic and achievable and are within Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC’s) standard cost thresholds;
• review the proposed project schedule, phasing and logistical considerations to verify that all milestone dates are achievable;
• prepare a draft and final report articulating all the findings of the feasibility study, and;
• record and distribute the minutes of all Project Meetings.
All deliverables must be completed by January 31, 2019. Please include a proposed timeline as part of your submission.

Contact Information
Contact Matthew Horton (902-956-2473) for additional information to assist in preparation of your submission.

Additional Information
• Payment terms will be finalized as part of Sipekne’katik reaching agreeable terms and conditions with the successful bidder(s) and will be based on successfully meeting milestones / progress payments.
• Sipekne’katik will not necessarily accept the lowest proposal received and it reserve the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted
• Sipekne’katik is not responsible for any and all expenses associated with proposal development.

Sealed proposal will be accepted until 12:00 PM Atlantic Time November 30, 2018. Each proposal should be signed and submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed as follows:

RE: RFP # 2019-29
Chief and Council
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS
B0N 1W0