Finance Notice

March 12, 2018

Members of the Sipekne’katik First Nation

Dear Members:

RE: Department of Finance – Organizational Update

As there are numerous questions and concerns regarding the staffing of key Finance Department positions it is incumbent on me to bring clarity to these matters for transparency, accountability and certainty for all affected.

Firstly, I wish to confirm that Matthew Horton has accepted Council’s offer of a five year contract to continue on as the Executive Financial Officer (EFO) for the Sipekne’katik First Nation. The contract is effective March 12, 2018. Matt will report to the Director of Operations. As such, we are pleased to advise the community that Matthew Horton remains a member of the Bands administration and we are most pleased that he will continue to provide exceptional financial leadership.

We have again posted the position of Director of Finance. This position reports to the EFO position and provides finance support to the staff, EFO, Director of Operations and Council. This position has been vacant for some 15 months and previous staffing attempts had not been successful. The current posting has resulted in a number of potential candidates to be assessed. If the process proves successful we hope to have the position staffed next month at which time we will make that announcement.

I want to thank the Council, Legal and Human Resources staff for their support during this time.


Brian Dorey
Director of Operations
Sipekne’katik First Nation