Housing Committee Election – April 20, 2017

Date: April 3, 2017

From: Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations

RE: Housing Committee Election – April 20, 2017

Dear Band Members,

There will be a community engagement session on April 20, 2017 – 5:30pm at the Sipekne’katik Multipurpose Centre. The current housing committee’s term is about to expire. The purpose of the community meeting is to elect a new housing committee. The housing committee consists of nine positions. The housing committee term will expire in two years after the voting process concludes.

Pursuant to section 4.3.4 of the Band’s housing policy, “Housing Committee members will be nominated by the community at a community meeting. If there are more candidates then positions, each candidate will have the opportunity to address the meeting. Speeches will be followed by a community vote (closed ballot) at the same community meeting and candidates receiving the majority vote will be named to the Housing Committee”.

As per section 4.3.4 of the Sipekne’katik Housing policy the following list outlines who is ineligible to sit on the housing committee:

• Elected officials may not sit on the Housing Committee.
• Current Sipekne’katik staff
• Owners of private rental units.
• Non-Sipekne’katik Band members
• Anyone with a conflict as defined by the Sipekne’katik Housing Policy or the Sipekne’katik Conflict of interest policy.

Those that are interested in being on the housing committee are encouraged to review Sipekne’katik’s Housing Policy to review the committee’s roles and responsibilities. The housing committee is a volunteer committee.

A community meal will be provided during this meeting.


Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations
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Cc: Chief and Council