Vernon Maloney Jr

Housing Department Manager


Keeping up to date with housing polices and working with our housing committee to ensure the best for our community needs is #1!

The Sipekne’katik Housing Department is responsible for providing sufficient, affordable housing to our band members. We undertaking property management for all band-owned housing units, including construction, renovations and maintenance.

  • We undertaking planning as it relates to housing.
  • Improving the overall understanding of housing issues and resident /tenant  responsibilities.
  • Implementing the housing policy.
  • Supporting the Chief and Council and Director of Operations by providing timely and accurate information
  • Fulfilling Legal ,financial and ethical obligations to members of the sipeknekatik Band
  • Fulfilling Legal ,financial and ethical obligations to funders and regulatory agencies.
  • Inspecting privately own rental units in accordance with this policy.
  • Reporting on the activities of the housing Department.

Administrative Staff

Marcella Hillier
Email: mhillier@sipeknekatik.ca

Keith Paul, Jr.
Email: keithpaul@sipeknekatik.ca

Carpenters & Builders

Barry Brooks
Email: bbrooks@sipeknekatik.ca

Levi Francis
Email: lfrancis@sipeknekatik.ca

Joseph Greene
Email: jgreene@sipeknekatik.ca

Roddie Gould
Email: rgould@sipeknekatik.ca

Scott Labradore
Email: slabradore@sipeknekatik.ca

Andrew Maloney
Email: andrewmaloney@sipeknekatik.ca

Vernon Maloney
Email: vmaloney@sipeknekatik.ca

Ashton Paul
Email: ashtonpaul@sipeknekatik.ca

Jacob Paul
Email: jacobpaul@sipeknekatik.ca

Keith Paul, Sr.
Email: keithpaulsr@sipeknekatik.ca