EXTENDED: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Contracted Winter Maintenance – NEW ROSS RESERVE RFQ# 2018 – 31


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Contracted Winter Maintenance – NEW ROSS RESERVE
RFQ# 2018 – 31

This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks to establish the successful contractor to conduct the required contracted driveway plowing, salting and ramp/step shovelling of elder’s and compromised health community members of New Ross’ community of the Sipekne’katik Band for the 2018-2019 winter seasons.

Vendors have the sole responsibility to register their intention to bid to ensure they receive any Addendum or notifications regarding this RFQ. The entire RFQ can be found online at sipeknekatik.ca/category/public tenders/

The complete bid submission must be submitted no later than 12:00 PM local time, November 23, 2018. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.

Complete bid submissions can be submitted in a sealed envelope marked RFQ #2018-31 to the address below:

Chief and Council
522 Church Street,
Indian Brook NS B0N 1W0

The Sipekne’katik Band will not necessarily accept the lowest proposal received and it reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted.

Sipekne’katik Band members will be evaluated based on a 15% price preference.
Actual contract pricing will be subject to reaching agreeable terms and conditions with the successful proponent. It is the proponent’s responsibility to check with the Band if any changes have been made to this RFP.

1. Contact Information and Timelines 3
2. Definitions 3
3. Background & Context 3
4. Objective and Purpose 3
5. Deliverables 4
6. Specifications 4
7. Submission Requirements 6
8. Evaluation Criteria 7
9. Receipt of Proposals 7
10. Contact Person for Successful bidder 7
11. Conditions 7
12. Appendix A – Snow Clearing of Wallace Hills 8
13. Appendix B – Personnel, Health and Safety Submission 8

1. Contact Information and Timelines
Contact Information:
Copies of the RFP document are available at: http://shubenacadieband.ca/catergory/public -tenders

Thursday, November 1, 2018 RFP Advertised
Friday, November 23, 2018 Deadline for RFP Submissions
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 RFP Evaluations Completed
Thursday, November 29, 2018 Notification of Successful Vendor
2. Definitions
Bidder – any individual, company or corporation that has submitted a bid to the Band

Successful Bidder – the successful bidder, as decided by the Band, from the bidders to perform all or part of the quotation

Contractor – interchangeable with successful bidder

Band – The Sipekne’katik Band
3. Background & Context
The Sipekne’katik Band is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to conduct New Ross Community main road (Pennill Lane), Water shed parking lot and residential household driveway snow clearing at the New Ross reserve for the 2018 – 2019 Winter Season.

The Sipekne’katik Band has a fundamental belief that a strong commitment to the environment as well as the health and safety of its employees, visitors and contractors is essential to the optimal operation and long-term viability of its business. In line with this belief is the Sipekne’katik Band’s commitment to ensuring that its employees as well as visitors and contractors know their environmental, health and safety responsibilities and work in a safe a manner as possible.

Moreover, contractor work practices are on-site activities with significant implications for the environment and the management of health and safety within the Sipekne’katik Band. The Band will take every opportunity to align itself with contractors that are equally committed to the health and safety of their employees and the work site environment.
4. Objective and Purpose
The purpose of the RFP is to receive quotations from qualified contractors for the plowing of band housing unit’s driveways, sanding/salting of each driveway and removal of snow, to reduce the operating and liability costs of the Band. Also, the Water shed driveway and Main road (Pennill Lane) will also be included in the scope of work. The contractor will be responsible for all environmental, traffic controls and any necessary equipment and materials.

The main objective that the Band hopes to achieve are:
a. Proper completion of all required winter maintenance operations in the New Ross community
b. Proper controls in place for traffic, health and safety.
c. Efficiencies in contracted winter maintenance operations
5. Deliverables
The contractor will be required to provide the following:
a. Plowing of driveways of all band-owned housing units of the New Ross community
b. Salting of driveways of all band-owned housing units of the New Ross community
c. Plowing of access road and parking lot of the Water shed
d. Snow removal and Salting/Sanding of Water shed walkway to the doorways.
e. Supply their own equipment, insurance, vehicle, fuel, salt, and sand at their own expense
f. All driveway plowing services in the New Ross community is to be completed in accordance with provincial and Band standards and specifications.
g. All required Health and Safety as per Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety, the Band and the contractors own programs for workers and public alike.
6. Specifications
a. The Director of Operations, or his designate, will notify the contractor involved (5) five days prior to the start of the winter season of any additions or deletions or driveways.
b. Unless otherwise specified or requested, the new accumulation of snow for:
i. Driveways shall not exceed 10.0 cm (4.0 inches).
ii. Snow clearing shall include all assigned band unit driveways, steps and ramps to the doorways and walkways. The contractor must contact the Manager of Operations & Maintenance to confirm the exact area to be plowed and excess piling.
c. All driveways require sanding after snow plowing.
d. All contracted Winter Maintenance Operations shall be completed in accordance to governing Nova Scotia Transportation & Public Works – snow and Ice control on Nova Scotia and Band specifications, unless otherwise directed by the Operations and Maintenance Manager.
e. The contractor will be called at all times by the Operations & Maintenance Department when driveways are to cleared of snow and the commencing time will start within one (1) hour of the call and/or be completed by 6:00 a.m.
f. The contractor’s personnel shall be required to be neat, respectful and courteous and shall perform their duties in a manner which presents a high level of public relations for the Bidder and the Sipekne’katik Band.
g. Any contractor’s personnel performing works associated to this quotation found to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol will result in the contractor being relieved of their duties and responsibilities immediately.
h. During heavy snow falls, blowing conditions, or after the Sipekne’katik Band contractors have created banks at the entrances, the contractor shall be required to clear snow from the designated snow clearing areas upon request of the Operations & Maintenance Manager.
i. It is the responsibility of the contractor to clear sufficient areas for the season’s removal and excess piling. Snow shall not be piled against fences, buildings or obstruct visibility. Any damage resulting from the contractors operations will be the responsibility of the contractor. Should the Band be require to make restitution for damages, any such costs shall be deducted from the contractor’s next invoice.
j. Visibility must be maintained at entrances, sidewalks and around corners to allow for proper sightlines for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
k. The contractor is responsible for ensuring snow is piled to provide reasonable run-off away from the buildings to access drains and shall move snow to allow drainage if necessary.
l. Equipment
a. The Bidder shall provide full details (serial numbers, make, model, attachments, etc.) of equipment with this Proposal. The fleet proposed shall be acceptable to the Band and shall be made available for inspection by the Director of Operations, or his designate, upon request. Bidders are advised that for the unit to be acceptable for this quotation, the units must be:
i. In good mechanical and physical condition, and be subject to inspection and acceptance by the Band;
ii. Comply with the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act designating safety equipment, lights and applicable appurtenances required for snow removal and sanding.
b. The units shall be maintained by the bidder in good mechanical and physical condition for the duration of the Proposal, and are subject to periodic inspections and approval by the Operations & Maintenance Manager for the duration of the Agreement.
c. The acceptances of, or continued use, of any piece of equipment intended for the Quotation shall be at the sole discretion of the Director of Operations.
d. The equipment to be used for snow removal shall be available for inspection by the Director of Operations or his designate, prior to proposal acceptance.
e. All attachments shall be factory supplied, specifically designed for use with the quoted unit and shall be operator controlled from the cab unit.
f. The Bidder shall demonstrate prior to the award of the Proposal, that the equipment quoted will perform the required work to the satisfaction of the
m. Maintenance and Repairs
a. The Bidder shall maintain the units at all times to a standard acceptable to the Band and in accordance with the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act.
b. All damage to the Bidder’s equipment arising from operations under this quotation shall be repaired at the Bidder’s expense.
c. The Band must approve any change in the type of equipment to be used throughout the period of the quotation in writing.
d. The Bidder shall supply all required items for the operation of the equipment including but not limited to, fuel, lubricants, cutting edges, sand, salt, etc.
n. Operators
a. The Bidder must supply the names and qualifications of the operators, when requested. The Operators must hold a valid Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence with proper classification and must be experienced in the operation of the equipment and performance of the work.
b. The Bidder shall employ only orderly, competent and skillful operators to ensure that the works are carried out in a safe and timely manner.
c. In the event that any person employed by the Bidder in connection with the work arising out of the Proposal gives, in the opinion of the Band, just cause for complaints, the Bidder, upon notification by the Band in writing, shall not permit such person to continue in any future work arising out of this Proposal.
o. Invoices are to be forwarded to:
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS B0N 1W0
Operations & Maintenance Department
p. On completion of each driveway snow plowing event, the Bidder shall record site location, date and time; quantities and other pertinent details on a work order and submit these on the invoice for payment.
q. Bidders are advised that snow removal operations frequently require long hours of work, and are often carried out throughout the night.
a. The Bidder will be required to provide standby operators for consecutive shifts if dictated by winter storm conditions
b. The Operators will be expected to complete their assigned duties prior to finish the shift
c. Bidders must give the Sipekne’katik Band their highest priority in their snow removal maintenance.
7. Submission Requirements
The document is intended to encourage responses from potential bidders and to provide a fair and open process for proposing technical solutions or services and a partnership arrangement between the bidder and the Sipekne’katik Band.

8. Evaluation Criteria
The evaluation of proposals shall be based upon the following criteria:
1. Understanding the Scope of Work
2. Demonstrated Ability and Health and Safety
3. Approach and Methodology
4. Total cost
5. References
9. Receipt of Proposals
One (1) hard copy of your itemized proposal must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. Atlantic time on November 23, 2018 to:

Chief and Council
Sipekne’katik Band
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS B0N 1W0
10. Contact Person for Successful bidder
Stephen Knockwood
Operations & Maintenance Manager
Telephone: 902-758-3341

All proposals submitted to the Sipekne’katik Band become the property of the Band and, as such, are subject to the Band’s Confidentiality Policy.
11. Conditions
a. The Sipekne’katik Band shall not be obligated in any way by the respondent’s response to the document. Respondents costs related to the preparation of a response to the RFP document shall be entirely the responsibility of the respondent. Expenses of any natured incurred by the respondent prior to the signing of an agreement or contract shall be the sole responsibility of the respondent and may not be charged to or claimed form the Sipekne’katik Band in any manner.
b. The Sipekne’katik Band reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.
c. All materials submitted in response to the RFP become the property of the Sipekne’katik Band. Proposals and supporting materials will not be returned to the vendors.
d. Prices quoted are to be valid for 90 days from date of receipt of proposal.

12. Appendix A – Snow Clearing of New Ross
The undersigned has carefully examined the information attached hereto, is fully informed as to the Band’s requirements, and hereby submits the following price. Quotations for 2018 – 2019 winter maintenance on the following section of roads:

Road # of Units Price Quote
New Ross Road .5 KM
Housing Unit Driveways 9
1. Appendix B – Personnel, Health and Safety Submission
For all bidders this is a crucial and mandatory component for all submissions. Any submission that do not include a this information in their Proposal shall be deemed non-compliant and rejected.
Requirements Received in Proposal YES NO N/A
Current Company Name
Number of years operating under this name
Current Mailing Address
Current Street Address
Current Telephone Number
Current Fax Number
If applicable, previous company name
If applicable, numbers of years’ operating under previous name
If applicable, previous street and mailing address
Provide every person’s name, contact information and valid Nova Scotia Drivers licence number that will be utilized in the performance of this quotation
Provide a listing of the make, model, year of each vehicle to be utilized in the performance of this quotation
Provide a copy of each vehicles insurance, inspection and registration papers
Provide a list of the equipment that will be utilized in the performance of this quotation
Please provide three references confirming your experience and work ethic