Media Release – Sipekne’katik Leadership Concerned with Tensions in Yarmouth

September 11, 2017

Sipekne’katik Leadership Concerned with Tensions in Yarmouth and surrounding areas

(INDIAN BROOK FIRST NATION, NS) – Sipekne’katik Leadership are aware and concerned with tension between the Mi’kmaq and local community members in Yarmouth and surrounding areas. Specifically, there have been many demonstrations and gatherings organized at the Old Government Wharf preventing Sipekne’katik from participating in the Band’s right to engage in Food, Social, and Ceremonial Lobster fishing.

Sipekne’katik is very proud of its Food, Social, and Ceremonial Lobster fishing operation, which is operating within the spirit and intent of the Sparrow case decided by the Supreme Court of Canada. Sipekne’katik remains committed to ensuring the Lobster harvested by the Band utilizing our vessel “The Treaty Defender” is going from the ocean to our dinner tables. The Lobster caught through this fishing activity has been and will continue to be distributed to our community members, provided to our event planners for community feasts, and donated to other Mi’kmaq communities for their feasts.

Sipekne’katik is currently discussing the implementation of the recognized Treaty right to fish for a moderate livelihood as re-affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada. This involves Sipekne’katik leadership taking steps to develop a Marshall based fishery management plan.

In the interest of Public Health and Safety, Sipekne’katik leadership relies upon and trust that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will take appropriate measures to ensure our Band members can safely exercise their rights.

Sipekne’katik leadership remains committed to ensure these tensions are handled professionally and de-escalated accordingly as our Band members exercise and practice our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.


Sipekne’katik is a Mi’kmaq Band in Nova Scotia with over 2,600 members throughout Mi’kma’ki and beyond. Sipekne’katik represents itself in all consultation and negotiation matters that concern Sipekne’katik.

For more information, contact:

Chief Michael P. Sack
Phone: 902.758.2049 ext. 222
Cell: 902.890.8236