Treaty Fishery

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Sipekne'katik's DIrector of operations Rhonda Knockwood at If you wish to make a donation to support our fishermen/women & supporters, a letter below will provide all information.

Note to Editors - Chief Mike Sack will be available to media at 12:15 pm today at the Digby Pines and NOT Dockside Suites - All those on site have been notified of the change in venue which is the result of a meeting with the Grand Council called for this afternoon at the Digby Pines. All media are welcome to attend.
Wela’lin to this wonderful supporter we hear you and we are grateful for your friendship.
 Wela’lioq to all of our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters who see us and understand we are simply trying to fulfill our right to a moderate livelihood with our fishery – Our efforts in Saulnierville are only to define that for others – we know what a moderate livelihood is for our community and we hold environmental stewardship in our hearts always – we look forward to a time of equality, peace and friendship for all