Notice to Band Members: Fence Near Alton Gas Facility


Date: April 29, 2016

From: Chief Rufus Copage

RE: Fence Near Alton Gas Facility

Dear Band Members,

Late last night I had received a letter from Alton Gas’s Vice President of Stakeholder Relations Tim Church. In summary Tim Church provided that Alton Gas will be undertaking routine maintenance and upgrades to their facilities. As this work commences, Alton Gas is required to ensure worksite safety in compliance with Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. This means the Alton Gas will be re-fencing portions of the river ensuring worksite ensuring safety. Tim Church’s letter suggests the fence will be re-constructed in a way to provide ongoing access to the Shubenacadie River.

Sipekne’katik had filed a formal appeal against the Alton Gas project to Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment that was recently dismissed. Shortly after this dismissal, the Band started working on a Supreme Court of Nova Scotia application appealing the Minister of Environments decision to dismiss our appeal.

During our most recent Chief and Council meeting the band decided to fully explore and exhaust all of our legal remedies to prevent the Alton Gas Project from moving forward. At this time, it is very important that our attention and resources are focused on this legal process. Our legal advisors recommended that we exhaust all legal remedies before considering other options. We appreciate and ask for the community’s patience and understanding as the band moves forward with our appeal to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

Sipekne’katik encourages individuals to continue to lawfully enjoy and respect our natural habitat through activities such fishing, hunting and gathering along the Shubenacadie River.

Below you will find a copy of this letter to the community on letterhead and a copy of Aton Gas letter I received last night.


Chief Copage
Sipekne’katik Band
Phone: (902) 805 0142