Notice to Band Members: Oil Tank Leak (146 Tuff Street)

Date: Oct 26, 2016

From: Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations

RE: Oil Tank Leak (146 Tuff Street)

Dear Band Members,

It has been brought to my attention that some community members are alleging that the Band did not act when we learned of the Oil Tank Leak at 146 Tuff Street. The Band has been working with this family throughout the ordeal and we continue to do so. For example, the Band has covered emergency funding and accommodation expenses when requested from this family.

According to the Bands Furnace Technician, the oil started leaking due to not following a proper Furnace Bleed processes. To ensure this does not happen in your units, those that are the head of household are encouraged to contact our Housing Department (902 236 3025) or Greg Paul (902 221 8544) to ensure the Furnace Bleed process is handled properly. Head of Household individuals are encouraged not to bleed their own furnace as this can lead to similar complications.

Regarding the unit on 149 Tuff Street, the Band had contacted EFI Global ( as soon as we learned of this situation. Last week this company had performed their initial assessment and air quality tests within this home. This company will project manage the process to ensure this unit is safe for the family members and conform and deal with environmental damage if required. EFI Global will provide an official report regarding environmental safety, and the band will continue to ensure public health and safety is our first priority.

The Band remains committed to continuing providing assistance for this family as they go through this challenge. If you have any questions about this situation, you are more then welcome to ask me.


Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations
Ph: (902) 805 0152

Cc: Health Canada, INAC, Sipekne’katik Housing, Band Council