Notice to Band Members: Water Tower Repairs

Notice to Band Members: Water Tower Repairs

The Sipekne’katik water tower is in need of replacement of the lining in the water tower. This project will take between six and eight weeks to complete. During this time there will be an impact on the water services in the community. Water services will continue to the homes and individual buildings as per usual, however, there may be some pressure reductions. The quality of the water will not be affected.

Given the decrease in water pressure we will not have sufficient pressure to provide the same fire protection services from within the community. We have secured the services from outside agencies to ensure fire protection services. It cannot be stressed enough that extra diligence must be taken to minimize fire related activities in the community. Such activities as grass, garbage or debris burning must not be undertaken during this time. Should there be grass burning needs please contact the fire department who may be available to conduct the burn in a safe and controlled manner. We must all work together to protect our residents and property.

The water tower repair project will be under the supervision of Stephen Knockwood, O&M Department, with the work being done by the original installers of our water tank. The Fire Department can be contacted at 902-236-3414. We appreciate your support and patience during this project.

Brian Dorey, Director of Operations