REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) 2016-18-Communications Strategy


The overall objective of the Sipekne’katik Communication Strategy/Implementation Plan inclusive of a Brand Development and Marketing Strategy initiative is to build strong and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and collaborators. The project will produce and implement a process to ensure the Sipekne’katik Economic Development Corporation is positioned and prepared to take advantage of current and future opportunities critical to the success of Sipekne’katik. To be better able to serve existing businesses or potential organizations wishing to partner with Sipekne’katik there is a need to enable the provision of valid information around new ventures, human resources, infrastructure, taxes, employment statistics, etc.

The intent is to create enthusiasm and excitement around Sipekne’katik, with particular emphasis to the development of Wallace Hills. The ojective is to create support and buy-in from all involved stakeholder groups and measure the ultimate success of communications and public engagement efforts throughout the implementation

Action to date has been limited and the lack of a detailed up-to-date strategy with an operational position to implement the plan is seen as a clear deterrent in the efforts of Sipekne’katik in seeking a competitive advantage, resulting in economic growth for Sipekne’katik.