RFP 2017-10-Construction/Excavation Services-Health Centre Drainage

Request for Proposals 2017-10
Construction/Excavation Services-Health Centre Drainage

1. Work Included
a. Provide all materials, labour, equipment, etc to modify drainage at
Sipekne’katik Health Centre, and reinstate disturbed areas, including
grading to prevent hydrostatic pressure under the building.

2. Requirements
a. Perform work as per the timetable set out by the Health Centre
administration. Payment upon work completion.

b. Perform work with little disruption to the Health Centre operations.

c. Perform work in accordance with the current version of the National
Building Code of Canada (NBC), National Fire Code of Canada (NFCC),
Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and Canadian Environmental
Assessment Act.

d. The site will be protected to prevent vandalism or damage to the project
and injury to the public.

e. All personal protective equipment is to be worn, as applicable.

f. Contractor to carry appropriate liability insurance.

g. Provide Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the products utilized to the
facility contact, as applicable.

3. Scope of Work

a. Excavate perimeter of building, removing existing perimeter footing drain.
Remove existing trees. Trees to be reinstalled following the work, at a
distance from the Health Centre to prevent trees from damaging exterior

b. Supply and install new minimum 4” PVC perforated drain tile. Pipe is to
be installed on base of clear stone, covered with minimum 2’ clear stone,
min 2’ depth. PVC pipe to be protected by filter fabric including around
top and perimeter of stone.

c. New footing drain to connect to new laterals, draining towards existing
ditch drainage at rear corners (Corner of Church/Brown Flats, and Tuff
St). Supply and install 2 new catch basins along front of HC. Drain front
downspouts to catch basins. Provide proposed site plan sketch including
locations of new components.

d. Coordinate with the Band to ensure all work kept within Health Centre lot
and to locate existing services to ensure they are not disturbed or

e. Positive drainage away from the building is to be maintained or created.

f. Supply and install new downspouts to match original number and
locations. Downspouts can connect to new drainage, or supply and install
leaders or concrete splash pads under downspouts.

g. Disturbed areas to be covered with sod after site work is complete. Do not
disturb monument.

h. Provide break out price for addition of 2” rigid insulation around perimeter footing of Health Centre during drainage work.

4. Contact Information
Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations
Tel: (902) 805 0152
Fax: (902) 758-2370

Health Canada – Halifax
Meghan Hines, Facilities Officer
Tel: 902-292-5756
Fax: 902-426-4479

Sealed proposal will be accepted until 12:00 PM Atlantic Time March 14, 2017. Each proposal should be signed and submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed as follows:

RE: RFP # 2017-10
Nathan Sack
Director of Operations
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS
B0N 1W0


Electronic submissions must be emailed to publictenders@sipeknekatik.ca
If submissions are electronic, please ensure you include RFP 2017-10 in the subject line.

The Sipekne’katik Band will not necessarily accept the lowest proposal received and it reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted. Sipekne’katik Band members will be evaluated based on a 15% price preference. Actual contract pricing will be subject to reaching agreeable terms and conditions with the successful proponent. It is the proponent’s responsibility to check with the Band if any changes have been made to this RFP.