Sipekne’katik Annual General Assembly-September 22, 2016

Date: September 2, 2016

From: Chief Rufus Copage

RE: Sipekne’katik Annual General Assembly

Dear Band Members,

On behalf of the Chief and Council, I am pleased to announce on September 22, 2016 we will be hosting our 4th Annual General Assembly at the Multipurpose Centre in Indian Brook First Nation. This will be a terrific opportunity for band/community members and other community stakeholders re-discover the types of programs and services offered by Sipekne’katik and our partners. There will be door prizes and other types of gifts available for community members during this meeting .The following is the tentative agenda:

5:00pm -Opening Prayer/Opening Remarks (Chief Rufus Copage)
5:10pm-6:00pm -Community Feast
-Sipekne’katik Program Booth Presentations
-Sipeknek’katik Partner Booth Presentations
6:00-7:00pm -Sipekne’katik Audit Presentation
7:00pm -Prize Draws/Closing Remarks

All band members and community members are encouraged to attend. If your name is drawn for a prize you will need to be there in person to claim it. Prizes will be drawn after the audit presentation. If you have any questions please contact me anytime.


Chief Rufus Copage
Ph (902) 805 0141