Sipekne’katik Chief and Council Meeting-December 13, 2016

Sipekne’katik Chief and Council Meeting
Tuesday December 13, 2016
9:30 a.m.


1. Opening Prayer
2. Roll Call
3. Minute Approval
4. Executive Finance Officer Update
a. Cook Insurance Group Insurance Presentation 1:30pm
b. O & M Purchase Request
c. O & M Project Update (Housing/O &M Manager)
d. Finance Committee Update
5. Letters From Band Members
a. Band Membership Transfer Request
6. Roger Lewis-Presentation on the Chief’s Medals (11:00am)
7. Legal Update
8. Director of Operations
a. Human Resources
i. Appeal
b. Land Acquisition
c. Housing Committee Update
d. School Options Committee
e. Consultation Update
i. 1919 Update
f. Alton Gas Discussion
g. Fisheries

For more information, please contact:

Chief Michael P. Sack
Phone: (902) 758 2049 ext. 222
Cell: 902 890 8236