Snow Plow Services


Date: January 18, 2016
From: Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations

Dear Band Members,

It has been brought to my attention that many Indian Brook community members are having challenges with Sipekne’katik snow plow services. I wanted to advise that we have two separate crews servicing all Indian Brook Driveways.

Sipekne’katik housing department are responsible for plowing all Seniors and Disabled community members driveways. The housing department did advise it will take an estimated eight hours from when snowfall stops to complete this entire list. This means, if the snow stops at 8:00 am all driveways on this list will be serviced by or before 4:00pm. The housing department did advise our snow plow crew will start with driveways down the meadows (Eagle Nest Road) and work their way to the other side of Indian Brook (Poplar) by the end of the eight hour period. If you have a medical appointment or an emergency, please contact Michael Paul at 902 805 0155 to have your driveway serviced immediately.

Sipekne’katik’s Operations and Maintenance crew are responsible for plowing all main roads, community buildings, and driveways that are not on the priority list. After speaking with our entire team they did advise it could take up to three days after snowfall ends to plow all driveways not identified on the priority list and community buildings.

Providing snow removal services is a new endeavour for Sipekne’katik, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through our implementation phase.


Nathan W. Sack, Director of Operations
Sipekne’katik Band
Phone: (902) 805 0142