Elder Nova Scotia Power and Information Release

Date: April 21, 2016

From: Chief Rufus Copage

RE: Elder Nova Scotia Power Waiver and Information Release

Dear Community Members,

As many of you are aware, Sipekne’katik has a Seniors Program that is designed to provide assistance to those Band members who are 64 years and older by covering 100% of their heating and electric expenses.

I am pleased to share that we have been having ongoing discussions with Nova Scotia Power executives regarding Elder’s power bills and disconnections notices. Through these discussions an arrangement had been made to develop a system ensuring our Elders would never experience power disconnection.

Sipekne’katik Band members who are 64 years and older are required to complete the enclosed Waiver and Information Release to benefit from this arrangement. If you are 64 years and older and choose not to complete the enclosed Waiver and Information Release, it will be your responsibility to ensure your powers bills are delivered to Sipekne’katik Band Office as per the payment due date listed on the bill.

During the next 5 weeks we will be sending people to visit with Band Members that are 64 years old and older that reside in Indian Brook to provide assistance filling out the enclosed waiver and information release. Elders are also welcome to mail, fax, email, and hand deliver these waivers using the following information:

Attn: Shirley Francis
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS
B0N 1W0
Fax: (902) 758 2017
Email: sfrancis@sipeknekatik.ca

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me anytime.


Chief Rufus Copage
Email: chiefcopage@sipeknekatik.ca
Phone (902) 805 0141

Cc: Nova Scotia Power