Information Technology

John Miller 
Information Technology Manager 
185 Sesame Street Sipeknekatik
Tel: (902)758-4592 

Sipekne’katik’s IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of our computer network systems within all departments as well as our School and Health Center. The IT department must evaluate and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the network’s functioning properly. As this involves working within a budget allocated to the department for network devices and software; present and future. Our IT team supports all OS such as Windows, Apple and Ubuntu. We maintain our email service, VoIP Phones, Cell phones and Security Camera installation. Our highest priority is to maintain a strong working relationship with the clients of each department to resolve any difficulties quickly and efficiently and help with any future technological needs.

I.T Support Team

Sylvia Sylliboy - IT Support Technician
Adrian Dorey- IT Support Technician
Chianne Marshall - IT Support Technician (on leave)