Job Banks

Equipping you with the tools for success is important to us! Here is a list of the top 3 job banks in Atlantic Canada! If you need more assistance with applying and looking for a career, training and more contact the Employment & Training Centre! The menu that you see featured to the right (on wide screen) or below this page (on a tablet or phone) displays current job postings/tenders internally. Take a look.

Sipekne'katik Job Postings

Sipekne’katik’s latest job postings for new employment opportunities in our community

Government of Canada

This is the official website for the Government of Canada’s Job Bank. You will find postings from registered Canadian businesses all over the Country.
Visit the Job Bank!

Career Beacon

A Canadian Job Bank website helping you secure the career that’s right for you!
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Job Junction

The ultimate collection of every job search engine and job bank available nationally and locally. Find postings from companies, government, non-profits and more.
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