Notice to Band Members: Deadline for PSE Funding Application 2016 – 2017

July 18th, 2016

To: Sipekne’katik Post Secondary Students

From: Velvet Paul, Director of Education

Re: Deadline for PSE Funding Application 2016 – 2017

As per the Sipekne’katik Band Post Secondary Policy, all students (new and returning) are required to apply for funding 40 days prior to the start date of their program. The following information is required to be considered for funding.

1) Application for funding
2) Post Secondary Policy (initial each page and sign)
3) Copy of valid status card for verification of membership
4) Letter of full-time enrolment
5) Release of information form (FOIP Form) from Institute
6) Acceptance letter
7) Transcripts

The deadline for PSE Funding applications is July 23rd, 2016. Students must have all required documents for the post secondary application sent electronically (scanned and emailed) to on/or before the deadline.

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline of July 23rd, 2016.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please feel free to contact me at (902) 236-3024.

Thank you,

Velvet Paul,
Director of Education
Sipekne’katik Band