Request for Land Development Engineering Services

Request for Land Development Engineering Services

February 27, 2019

You are invited to submit one copy of a quote to provide land development engineering services.

Scope of Work

Sipekne’katik is looking to develop a section of land in Hammonds Plains for Commercial/Retail purposes. The site currently includes a modular gaming/entertainment building, parking lot, well and septic field.


Sipekne’katik is looking for the Consultant to assist us in moving forward development of this land. This would include identifying options for site access, wastewater servicing, water servicing, required approvals, and related cost estimates.

The successful bidder would be responsible for, but not limited to, fulfilling the following:


  1. Complete initial planning sessions with Chief and Council and relevant Band Staff to understand our vision
  2. Review work completed to date (Wallace Hills Feasibility Study available upon request)
  3. Assistance navigating municipal by-laws, obtaining approvals and permits as required
  4. Assistance addressing issues related to provincial/municipal roads impacted by developments (adding lanes, roundabouts, stop lights, etc) as required
  5. Assistance identifying and assessing options for wastewater servicing
  6. Assistance identifying and assessing options for water servicing
  7. Assistance negotiating service agreements, if required, with HRM
  8. Assistance navigating environmental considerations (for example, wetlands) as required
  9. Work with Band Staff and Chief and Council to seek direction as required and provide progress updates
  10. Attend and present at community engagement sessions with Band Members as required
  11. Work with other stakeholders as required (funders, construction companies, etc)
  12. Completion of geotechnical investigation.
  13. Regulatory Approvals as required

Design – Future Services

  1. Preliminary Design
  2. Surveying as required
  3. 50% complete set of design drawings for review
  4. 95% complete set of design drawings for review
  5. One complete set of design drawings marked “Issued for Construction.” The drawings shall be reviewed and stamped by two Professional Engineers licensed to practice in Nova Scotia, and they shall be provided in PDF format, in accordance with Nova Scotia Provincial Standards
  6. Prepare Class B Estimate

Post Design Services (Tendering and Construction Services) – Future Services

  1. Assistance developing, editing and screening “requests for proposals” as required in compliance with our Finance Policy and responding to questions from potential contractors
  2. Inspecting and monitoring progress of contractors to ensure deadlines are being met and that the quality of work being performed is to applicable standards, and that any deficiencies are corrected
  3. Attending site meetings during infrastructure construction
  4. Inspecting and monitoring invoices from contractors to ensure they are in compliance with contracts, progress claims are appropriate given the work completed, addressing and negotiating change orders, etc.
  5. Record drawings and construction contract close-out documentation


Given the nature of this engagement, fees should be identified at an hourly rate per team member for the planning stages with an upper limit based on a scope of work defined by the consultant. Fees for design and post design services will be negotiated once their scope is better defined.

Required with Submission

  1. Previous Experience and Qualifications working with other First Nations would be considered an asset and should be emphasized
  2. Different services your firm could provide (types of engineering, surveying, business consultants, design, post design services, etc)
  3. A list of employees involved, their resumes and hourly/daily rates
  4. A list of project work to be outsourced and the name(s) of who would be completing the work and expected costs

Timelines for Submissions

Sealed proposals/quotes will be accepted until 12:00pm (noon) Atlantic Time, March 22, 2019

Quotes must be signed and submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed as follows:

RE: RFP #2019-34

Chief and Council


522 Church Street

Indian Brook, NS B0N 1W0

Contact information

We strongly recommend that you contact Matthew Horton, Executive Financial Officer, to arrange a meeting to discuss this bid and to clarify our needs before bidding.

Additional Information

  • Payment terms will be finalized as part of Sipekne’katik reaching agreeable terms and conditions with the successful bidder(s)
  • Sipekne’katik will not necessarily accept the lowest proposal received and it reserve the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted
  • Sipekne’katik is not responsible for any and all expenses associated with proposal development.