Request for Proposals 2017-16-Cultural Centre Design Concept (DEADLINE EXTENDED-October 13, 2017)


Request for Proposal 2017-16 – Cultural Centre Design Concept
August 22, 2017

You are invited to submit one copy of a quote to provide concept and architectural designs for a Cultural Centre.

The successful bidder would be responsible for fulfilling the following:

Stage 1 Pre-Design Services
• Meet with representatives of the Band to get an understanding of our needs (may be required to meet with Cultural Experts or Elders as part of this process);
• Through consultation with the Band, develop a functional program for the Cultural Centre that incorporates some if not all of the following potential occupancies:
o Museum-type space;
o Gift Shop;
o Public and private washrooms;
o Commercial kitchen space (to host events or for catering staff);
o Performance space (stage, seating, natural amphitheatre);
o Conference space;
o Office space;
o Parking space;
o Green or energy efficient options
• Prepare a functional program report that summarises and identifies the Cultural Centre gross square footage and a range of project costs based on traditional square footage costs for similar facilities; and
• Undertake a site selection exercise to identify a suitable location and site for the Cultural Centre as described in the functional program.

Stage 2 Concept and Schematic Design
• Based upon the outcome of the approved Functional Programming and Site Selection exercises, develop a concept design for the new Cultural Centre. Prepare and present three draft concept designs for consideration by the Band. Take into consideration Mi’kmaq cultural needs and incorporate these into the design. Also consider that the Band wants the facility to be unique and have the architecture incorporate indigenous themes;
• Based upon discussion and direction of the Band, advance one design to a level of Schematic Design Completion;
• Assist the band in the procurement and execution of legal, topographic and geotechnical surveys of the selected site; and

• Prepare a Schematic Design Report with base building plans sections and elevations along with narrative descriptions of the structural, mechanical and electrical building systems. Include a preliminary site plan indicating the overall site layout, site servicing, parking layouts and roadway access-egress points to the site. Prepare a Class C Opinion of Probable Construction Cost that includes furniture fit up and equipment costs.

Sealed proposal will be accepted until 12:00 PM Atlantic Time September 15, 2017. Each proposal should be signed and submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed as follows:

RE: RFP # 2017-16
Nathan Sack
Director of Operations
522 Church Street
Indian Brook, NS
B0N 1W0


Electronic submissions should be emailed to

The Sipekne’katik Band will not necessarily accept the lowest proposal received and it reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted. Actual contract pricing will be subject to reaching agreeable terms and conditions with the successful proponent. It is the proponent’s responsibility to check with the Band if any changes have been made to this RFP.