Sipekne’katik COVID Info

Travel Restrictions May 7, 2021

Direction of the Minister under a Declared State of Emergency

  ***** COMMUNITY UPDATE *****

March 23, 2020                     

Good Afternoon,

The EMO committee wants to give an update to the community into what’s already being done. Here is a complied report for everyone.

The Sipeknekatik health center Recommendations:

  • Health Center will be open 3 days a week- Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Health Center’s Doors are locked as of today; will be by appointment only Please call ahead of time.
  • Nursing staff will be rotating weekly, please note we will only have 1 nurse on site
  • Primary Health Care services will continue
  • Medical Van will be available on Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays from 9:00am- 12:00 pm ONLY
  • Counselling services will be available through telephone, please contact Brian Knockwood @

902-750-0567 for more information and instructions, he is working from home.

  • Suboxone clients will have discussion with their physicians one on one (please note we will still be accepting new clients for this treatment, please call ahead for appt.)


Band Office and Administration recommendations:

  • Social Dept. Elizabeth Michael, Janice Paul, Jennifer Knockwood- work Tuesday/Wednesday Rotating staff every second week and Welfare clients who have not sent in their budget sheet will be excused from doing for the short time, everyone will get their welfare.
  • The Welfare dept will try to get cheques done a head of time.
  • Economic Development – David Nevin Closed until further notice/ working from home if necessary
  • Membership Trish Fultz- work from home/on call as needed
  • Education Dept- Velvet Paul- closed until further notice/ on call as needed
  • Education LSK/ASHOR/K-4 – Kelly Oliver Closed until further notice (Under the direction of Chief and Council)
  • Day Care- Wendy Julian- Closed until further notice
  • OFF& On Reserve gaming rooms- Owen Marr/ Lorrie Syliboy- closed until further notice
  • METS- Stephanie Doucet -Closed until further notice
  • Recreation _lead Logan Gehue- Closed until further notice/ working from home if necessary
  • HR Department- Sherry McPhail/ will work from home
  • Lands Jason McDonald- Closed until further notice/ working from home if necessary
  • Security Kim Paul (acting manager)- all security for band building sent home until further notice
  • Janitorial staff will operate on a reduced work week.




Fisheries- The lead is Brandon Maloney & crew

  • Fisheries have been and will be delivering information sheets to band members, as well for the time being the Food bank will be relocating to the Bay area
  • Of Fisheries building, Father Ron and couple band members that help him will be here Friday to give out supplies.
  • Fisheries staff will be delivering the food hampers to seniors that require the service.
  • Fisheries Manager and assistant manager will be working
  • Fisheries staff will be sent home but on call

 Housing Lead Vernon Maloney

  • Housing dept will only be accepting Emergencies ONLY with rotating Manager Vernon Maloney/Keith Paul/ Barry Brooks weekly
  • Staff will be working from home and on call.

O & M Dept- Lead Steve Knockwood/Katrina Paul


  • The O&M Department will continue to monitor the water sites, with rotating staff weekly
  • Staff will be working from home and on call.


Tobacco Shop-Lead is Blake Marr

Gas Bar Lead- Willie Sack


  • Once the band office was closed to the public, we moved tobacco operations from the band office to the gas bar where tobacco is to be sold to band members only. Store orders are still fulfilled at the band office as our tobacco permit requires.
  • Gas bar will start using debit only on Friday March 27 2020
  • The security person will help maintain crowd control, please be advised that they will enforce the social distancing protocol and making sure there are not a lot of people in the gas bar at a time.
  • The gas bar will be operating from Monday – Saturday 8:00 am-5:00pm
  • The gas bar will be closed on Sundays, this will be in effect on March 29, 2020


Food Bank- Father Ron is lead

  • Food bank will continue to do deliveries every two weeks

Finance- The lead is Monica Beckett/ Chief and Council

  • The finance crew will continue to due the applications for assistance
  • If this pandemic gets any worse, they will cut their staff as they deem necessary
  • Rotating staff every other week



IT Department – John Miller


  • John Miller & Sylvia Sylliboy- on call as needed

Staff to be sent home

Below is our Application's for Off Reserve Sipekne'katik Band Members who are head of their household