Winter Storm Emergency Measures Notice-Feb 13, 2017

Date: February 13, 2017

From: Chief Michael P. Sack

RE: Emergency Measures

Dear Band Members/Community members,

It has been brought to my attention that Indian Brook residents have started to experience power failure within their homes. Preparations will be made to open our Multipurpose Centre as a warming centre tomorrow if required. The Multipurpose Centre is propane operated and can provide heat during power outages.

I would like to remind all community members that we have qualified first responders in place trained to respond to emergency situations, especially during events such as this winter storm. If you are experiencing an emergency situation please call 911, and remain safe in your homes until you receive assistance.

If your home experienced a power outage it is very important that you keep all your windows and doors closed. This will keep the heat inside your home longer. If your house becomes too cold, please try to make arrangements to stay at a family members house or call 911 to receive assistance.


Chief Michael P. Sack
Phone: (902) 890 8236