Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

Phone: (902) 758-2049 ext. 235

About HR,

With over 200 to 300 employees, the Human Resources (HR) Manager is responsible for Sipekne’katik job postings, interviews, new staff orientation, yearly evaluations, record keeping, benefit packages, and retirement packages.

The HR Manager also coordinates monthly Human Resources committee meetings.  HR Committee members are as follows:

Sipekne’katik Human Resources Committee Members

  1. Chief Micheal P. Sack
  2. Director of Operations 
  3. Executive Finance Officer
  4. Sipekne’katik Legal Advisor
  5. Director of Health
  6. Human Resources Manager

(Emails and phone numbers can be found on the band website)

The HR Department strides to offer a safe work environment to all Sipekne’katik employees through the following:

  • Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
  • Sun Life Benefits
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program, Homewood Health