Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

Sherry Macphail
Phone: (902) 758-2049

Ida Simon, HR Coordinator
Phone (902) 758-2029

About HR: 

With over 200 to 300 employees, the HR Division is responsible for carrying out a variety of HR functions, that includes but is not limited to, coordinating recruitments, pay and benefits, policy administration and employee/supervisor consultation.  

The HR Manager also coordinates monthly Human Resources committee meetings.  HR Committee members are as follows:

Sipekne'katik Human Resources Committee Members

  1. Chief Micheal P. Sack
  2. Director of Operations-Rhonda Knockwood 
  3. Executive Finance Officer - Lisa McIntosh
  4. Sipekne'katik Legal Advisor - James Michael 
  5. Human Resources Manager - Sherry MacPhail