Housing Department Manager
Vernon Maloney jr

341 Meadow Drive


Keeping up to date with housing polices and working with our housing committee to ensure the best for our community needs is #1!

The Sipekne’katik Housing Department is responsible for providing sufficient, affordable housing to our band members. We undertaking property management for all band-owned housing units, including construction, renovations and maintenance.

  • We undertaking planning as it relates to housing.
  • Improving the overall understanding of housing issues and resident /tenant  responsibilities.
  • Implementing the housing policy.
  • Supporting the Chief and Council and Director of Operations by providing timely and accurate information
  • Fulfilling Legal ,financial and ethical obligations to members of the Sipekne’katik Band
  • Fulfilling Legal ,financial and ethical obligations to funder’s and regulatory agencies.
  • Inspecting privately own rental units in accordance with this policy.
  • Reporting on the activities of the housing Department.

Administrative Staff

Marcella Hillier
Email: mhillier@sipeknekatik.ca

Sheila Dorey
Email: Sdorey@sipeknekatik.ca

Keith Paul, Jr.
Email: keithpaul@sipeknekatik.ca

Field Supervisors

Keith Paul, Sr.
Email: keithpaulsr@sipeknekatik.ca

Barry Brooks
Email: barrybrooks@sipeknekatik.ca